Since the summer of 2011, the Veneration Project has been working with local community-based organizations in Brooklyn to design specialized workshops on various aspects of aging – from Elder Law and Health Care Decision-Making to Alzheimer’s and Caregiving. The workshops listed below are illustrative. Each individual workshop or a series of workshops can be tailored to the needs of a particular community.

Interested in hosting a workshop in your community? Please contact us below!

 1. Approaching Transitions at Any Age This   workshop explores spiritual, social, and emotional approaches to life   transitions. The   intention is to begin a dialogue – and kick start a series of workshops – on   the spiritual, emotional, and practical aspects of aging in our community.
2. Starting   the Conversation This   session introduces approaches to opening communication channels with parents   or loved ones about the legal, financial, housing, and health care aspects of   aging.
3. Senior   Housing Options, Decisions, and Transitions This   session introduces the various options in Senior housing in New York City and   around the country – from traditional Continuing Care Retirement Communities   (CCRCs) to Naturally Recuring Retirement Communities (NORCs), Senior Villages,   and Co-housing.
4. Health   Care Decision-Making & Advance Directives This   session provides an overview of Advance Directives and Health Care Proxies,   the legal documents that allow individuals to make advance decisions about   health care treatment or assign another individual to make those choices.
5. Buried   Treasures/Grandma’s Candlesticks: Grappling with the Practical and Emotional   dimensions of Your Family’s ‘Stuff’: This   session tackles the practical and emotional aspects of decisions about   passing along or saying goodbye to ‘stuff.’ We’ll help you to see physical   belongings as a source of intergenerational dialogue and learning, and   related issues of downscaling as older adults make difficult housing   decisions and transitions.
6.   Financial Planning 101 and Beyond (may   be offered as an overview or broken into separate session on specific   topics): This   session provides a survey of some of the key factors to consider and steps to   take, such as:

  • Social Security and When to Take It
  • Financial Planning for 50’s and beyond   (Retirement or Non-Retirement)
  • Estate Planning Basics
  • Understanding and Approaching Medicare   & Medicaid Applications
  • Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance


7. Health   & Caregiving 101 & Beyond (may   be offered as an overview or broken into separate session on specific   topics): This   series will provide an overview of the health care concerns and caregiving   implications facing older Americans, including:

  • Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Heart disease and strokes
  • Falls and disabilities
8.End of   Life Planning This   session will guide participants through the process, dealing with   communication, emotional, and practical aspects of the process.

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