Veneration Corps is a college internship program designed to expose students to career tracks and entrepreneurial opportunities responding to the aging population, while supporting agencies serving New York’s seniors.

V-Corps is intended to lay the foundations of a workforce capable of alleviating the burden on New York’s elder service networks, while positioning youth to raise awareness of aging issues among their families and communities.

Intern Profiles:

Meghan Richards

Summer 2011 – Present

Hello, my name is Meghan Richards. I am a sociology major and a junior at Brooklyn College. I decided to be a part of Veneration due to seeing my mom and her friends deal with their aging parents. It is an interesting experience seeing the children take on the role of the parent, trying to make the best decisions possible.

Through interning at the Veneration Project, I have gained a greater respect for senior citizens. Seniors are amazing people who have worked hard, raise children, and have wisdom that should be shared with everyone. Yet, we separate them from the rest of society with senior centers and senior living facilities. Seniors should be integrated in society. Being retired and over 65 doesn’t make you obsolete!

Read Meghan’s blog posts here.

Monica Son

Summer 2011

I’m Monica Son, a rising sophomore at Mount Holyoke College. Although I have not declared a major yet, I am interested in statistics and mathematics. At school, I am a member of the student committees board and a math tutor for elementary school students through America Counts. A am also a performer of Korean dance at the Korean Traditional Performing Arts Assoc.

My experience at the Veneration Project has helped me realize the struggles Americans must endure as they age and enter elderhood. These struggles range from finding adequate and affordable healthcare to arranging advance directives. I use my research on these topics to write blog posts so that this information can be easy to read and available to everyone. Because of this internship, I have heightened my ability to collect research and conduct interviews.

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Chrissy Andre

Summer 2011

I’m a recent graduate of SUNY College at Old Westbury, where I studied Politics, Economics and Law.  I received Dean’s List recognition for multiple semesters, was the sophomore class president, and was president of the Haitian Students Organization from Fall 2008-Spring 2010.

Interning at Veneration truly has been an eye opening experience. I decided to intern at Veneration because I realized that I knew quite a few elderly people through my church and my parents would soon be going through the aging process and I had absolutely no idea how to assist them in the process.  Through the research experience I’ve had in just a small part of Brooklyn and interviewing the elderly and both the people who run the facilities for the elderly, I realized something has to change. The process needs to be clear and concise for anyone to navigate. I truly believe that Veneration is the liaison that will change the way we think about aging.

Read Chrissy’s blog posts here.

Lakeisha Armstrong

Summer 2011

My name is Lakeisha Armstrong and I am currently a junior at Siena College. Browsing through Idealist’s database for internships/jobs, I came across a very interesting one called Veneration Project Intern. After reading the description, I wanted to be a part of the project. Before the project I felt like elders especially in nursing homes were not given enough attention and care that they should have. They seemed to be invisible to the world. My very own grandmother was put into a nursing home to close to my home because she could not handle taking care of herself in her own home. Being a young teen, I wanted to hang out with my friends or sleep and not going to a nursing home to visit my grandmother. I didn’t understand how big of deal it was to spend time with my grandmother until I got older and she was no longer alive. After being taken to the hospital for a medical emergency, a medical assistant did not perform the proper care for the tube in her throat and she passed. It was very hard for my family to take this loss in but I was very grateful she was able to spend time with her grandkids before she passed.

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