We believe that forward-thinking, collaborative intergenerational planning is the key to maximizing the options available – across socio-economic lines..

We’re working on piloting a comprehensive aging resource clinic that supports intergenerational legal and financial planning by facilitating informed decision-making about housing options.

The goal is to maximize options for older adults to remain in their homes and communities as long as they want, or create a plan for transitioning to another environment or choice, while preserving assets and resources across the generations.

The clinic will be:

  • Roaming - We will use community centers and houses of workshop as venues as well as for community engagement, giving us broad outreach with minimal marketing.

  • Comprehensive – We will engage a network of independent specialists in elder law, financial planning, care management, housing, and social work, enabling us to identify critical points of intersection and intervention.

  • Community-based – We believe the most appropriate answers usually from within the community, and intend to use the clinic to foster and build on existing communal support structures and professional networks.

  • Intergenerational – The clinic emphasizes the entire family’s engagement in the decision-making and planning process.

  • Independent -  We will use the clinic as a forum to generate independent market research needed to develop and test products and services that support aging in place.

As we pilot the model, we’ll explore how we can replicate it as an online virtual clinic.

VOLUNTEER NOW: We’re looking for volunteer specialists in elder law, financial planning, social work and real estate to volunteer at least 3 hours a month.

Interested in getting involved as a specialist? Please let us know here: