You’ve heard of the Sandwich Generation:

Baby Boomers caught between raising kids and caring for aging parents.

Well, the sandwich filling is about to change.

Americans are living longer. Boomers are getting older. Many have little or no retirement savings, and our social service safety net is disintegrating.

Veneration is an initiative of Gen Xers and Millennials aiming to break the cycle…
before we become the sandwich meat.

We see a huge, thriving industry targeting seniors and caregivers: thousands of products, services, and resources offering solutions to the financial, legal, medical, social, and emotional  aspects of aging in America. Each offers a piece of the puzzle.

But the industry has one thing in common:

the assumption that we are all in total denial about aging – denial that will lead us or our loved ones to a financial, medical, or housing-related crisis, and turn us into desperate and uninformed consumers.

Our aim is to:

1) help raise awareness of existing resources, connect the dots between them, and identify the gaps

2 ) help pilot and launch innovative, intergenerational solutions to the key challenges and opportunities of aging in American families and communities

3) mainstream communication and planning about aging, so that we can rebuild the social and economic structures that enable elders to claim the status they deserve…one of


Since early 2011, we’ve talked to hundreds of families, practitioners, and specialists about the complex realities of aging; piloted activities  in Brooklyn, New York; found concrete entry points for proactive communication and planning; and formed these

core beliefs:
  • By taking a new look at the intergenerational assets of each community, we can recast aging demographics as an opportunity rather than a burden.

  • As long as the system is this hard to navigate, there’s a need for a comprehensive, accessible resource capable of integrating resources on the legal, financial, social and emotional aspects of planning for older age into a clear roadmap.

  • Informed, proactive decisions about housing and real estate can pave a path through the social, emotional, legal and financial labyrinth of aging.

  • In order to create economic security for all generations, we need to radically rethink our culture of denial in relation to aging and planning.

  • Engaging youth in the realities of aging is key to breaking the cycle of social and economic risk in American families.

Veneration is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in the state of New York.

Veneration relies on the generosity of our supporters. Please  Donate here.

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