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    Posted on January 3rd, 2014

    Written by Adina


    We’ve been busy, and the Veneration project is still going!

    Early this year we piloted anĀ Senior services clinic at a Brooklyn church, working with an elder law attorney to offer workshops and consultations for seniors and their families on legal, financial and housing-related planning. We hoped this would be a model we could replicate around the community and use to identify candidates for the intergenerational co-housing model.

    The clinic didn’t take off, but it was an incredible learning experience.

    We learned how hard won trust is, even with the best intentions and offering valuable resources.

    We learned that in fragile communities, even the elders themselves don’t see themselves as a priority – instead all resources and energy are directed towards guiding youth on the right path.

    And we learned that the practical logistics of engaging families in pro-active planning for Senior housing and care are even more complicated than we realized.

    But we also realized that there’s tremendous interest and excitement about intergenerational co-housing solutions that helps elders stay in their homes and communities – and that Brooklyn is the perfect place to pilot the model.

    So our intention for 2014 is to get the pilot off the ground! If you’re interested in getting involved let us know! We’re especially interested in:

    • community workers,
    • elder law attorneys,
    • financial advisors,
    • social worker
    • real estate professionals

    Contact us here

    And have a happy, healthy, prosperous 2014!

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