• My mom is pretty much tech savvy. She knows how to use an e-reader, digital camera, flash drives, a search engine, the Microsoft office suite, and attach files.  However, new cell phones are strange and complicated concept to grasp. So every two years, the teacher becomes the student. As my brother and I begin to teach her how to use the phone.

    Her new phone is a touch screen android.  So our first steps were getting her used to the touch screen interface, teaching her how make calls, send text messages, and how to lock her phone.

    My brother and I thought that our work was near done, when she asked about her ringtone. I thought that the easy answer would be to keep it the same as her old phone. For about a year and a half, it has been “Pretty Wings” by Maxwell. However, my brother derailed my plan by explaining that she could easily record any song and make it her ring tone. Why did he do this?

    It took exactly one hour to find her ringtone! At first she wanted “Someone that I used to know” by Gotye. I slightly shocked and impressed by her selection. Especially, since I like that song too. Who knew that mother and daughter has similar taste.

    Then my brother offered his selection of dub step and Wiz Khalifa. That didn’t go over too well to say the least.

    Then my mother completely caught us off guard with her selection of the sound track to Sarafina and Hugh Masekela; a movie that I vaguely remember watching in school and an artist both of us had never heard off. My mother was shocked and disheartened that we hadn’t heard of it. So we will be watching Sarafina and listening to Hugh Masekela at home.  Her final selection was “I Put a Spell on You” by Screaming “Jay” Hawkins.

    My mom is only in here early 50’s. However, it was interesting to see how our knowledge and taste differ with respect to technology, and how it can bring us together as a family.

    As time goes on, I am sure that my mom will need a refresher course here and there.  Fortunately right in Brooklyn there is a great organization called OATS (Older Adults Technological Services), which trains older adults to use technology.  Is there a person in your life that could use some help with technology?


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