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    I have never really appreciated the snow cone.  It melts a little too quickly, then it drips on you and you get sticky. Your tongue and lips become dyed an unnatural color.  All for what?  A little shaved ice with sugary flavored syrup? I really don’t get it…but my Mom did.

    Every summer in August, when we would be experiencing several days of 100 degree weather, the Dallas Morning News would run the annual story on some fantastic snow cone stand in the area.  For some reason, they were always 30 miles away from my house.  The next day, my mom would call and inform me that she was coming over to pick up the kids and take them to the snow cone stand.  They would pile in the car and without fail, 25 minutes after they left; she’d call to say that they were lost.  I’d get on the internet, figure out where they were and put them back on course. At least 2-3 hours would go by and they would return with their blue and green tongues, and proceed to tell me that the article was right on the money.  The ice was shaved just right and the flavors were delicious….whatever!

    This last August was a bit different.  Of course, the weather was still unbearable and the paper still ran the obligatory article about the latest and greatest snow cone stand.  And, of course, Mom called the next day to take the kids to try it out.  But this year my son was busy, so the adventure was going to be with just my daughter.  Corie had her driver’s permit this year so she was able to do the driving and mom could concentrate on the navigation. But alas, 25 minutes later I received the phone call to pull up the map and get them back on course.  Thank goodness for cell phones! After the .89 snow cone, Mom then took Corie to the new upscale $3.00 cupcake boutique to check that out as well.  Upon arrival home, we heard all about the yummy snow cone but overpriced, dry cupcakes.

    This trip turned out to be the last time, though.  A couple of days later, Mom had an unexpected turn and landed in the hospital.  After 9 long months, she passed away in late May. As my brother and I were going through some papers in her desk, we found several yellowed, clipped newspaper articles.  She had saved all of the past articles on the snow cone stands…I guess if the paper ever stopped running the August story, she would still know where to take the kids!

    The weather is now unbearable, school is on the horizon and so it is time for us to go cool off with a delicious snow cone.  For the first time, I’m looking forward to discussing the virtues of various types of shaved ice and syrup with the kids. I can’t wait to have blue lips! I have finally seen what my mom did: it’s not the snow cone that’s important; it’s the time spent getting there together!  We all need to realize that life is a voyage to be lived and shared with family and friends.

    Birth is a beginning, death a destination and life is a journey.

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