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    Many senior citizens develop a tendency to hoard the belongings they have accumulated throughout the years. These items begin to pile up in their homes and throwing out anything becomes something they have trouble doing. These items stay in their homes and clutter their space. While they may not want their homes to look the way they do, cleaning it up and organizing would be too much of an exhaustive task for them.

    When it comes to the time where a senior citizen has to prepare for a move, they face a daunting task. Packing, organizing, and throwing out their items challenges them to go through all the belongings they collected over their lifetime. Preparing for a move also means reflecting on one’s life. There is a lot of anxiety during this process. It is an emotional journey because each item they have held on to normally holds sentimental value. They must evaluate each item and see if it is something worth keeping, putting away, or getting rid of.

    There are many reasons a senior citizen might consider moving…

    1. Retirement
    2. Closer to better health care
    3. Closer to the children of the senior citizen
    4. Join a community or support group

    These reasons usually urge the elder to move as soon as possible. However, there are times when the clutter is too much and the move out day gets pushed further and further. Fortunately there is the National Association of Senior Moves Managers (NASMM), an organization of 500 independent companies located throughout the country dedicated to help seniors prepare to move into their new homes.  Paper Moon Moves is a member of the NASMM and is located in Brooklyn, New York. The owner, Katie Hustead, established this company in 2010 and has helped many New York City senior residents since.

    On a phone interview just a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to ask Ms. Hustead some questions about how she runs her business.

    Ms. Hustead explained she is usually contacted by the children of the senior citizen. By becoming involved in the situation, Ms. Hustead tries to make the moving process as non-stressful as possible and gets her clients excited about the move. As they begin to sort through all of the items, they decide what to keep and what they should leave behind. Rather than actually disposing the item, they try to give it away or “find a new home” for it.

    Companies like Paper Moon Moves help the elders achieve what they previously thought was impossible. Many of Ms. Hustead’s clients are very happy with the results of her services, find themselves with a peace of mind, and excited about their move.

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